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Land Access & Cultural Center

Yaquis of Southern California currently stewards 156 acres of land in Borrego Springs on Yaqui Pass Rd, near Yaqui Well and Yaqui Trail where we intend to develop a tribal hall and cultural center in further effort to share our unique history in this territory, engage in cultural practices and continue to recruit more Yoem Noki active speakers



Yoem Noki (Yaqui Language), like many indigenous languages, is at risk of being lost due to difficulty teaching and practicing the language with fluent speakers. If you would like to help support this cause, please contribute to our organization on the donation page. Chiokoe uttesia! 

Earth Keepers

Bwia Ania, Mother Earth, is the source of all life and abundance. As Yo'eme, spiritual people, we have an obligation to care for her out of love and respect.​


Earth Keepers project is about connecting with the earth, nurturing her wellness and learning about all of the beautiful ways she provides for us. We seek to infuse our learning about earth's precious medicines with Yoem Noki (Yaqui Language) learning, plant identification and recognition of the original tribes of this territory.

For information about Earth Keepers events contact

Yaqui Divers

Part of our cultural history in Southern California is a connection to the Yaqui settlements in Baja California, particularly Mulejé where the tradition of pearl diving and preservation of ocean traditions has continued for hundreds of years.

Our creation story tells us that our surem ancestors emerged from Va'awe Ae (Mother Ocean), therefore we are responsible for her care and protection. Yaqui Divers are committed to marine habitat restoration and actively engage in citizen science to fulfill this spiritual obligation.

For more information please contact

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