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Applications to YSC are accepted from May-July each calendar year

Proof of Yaqui Ancestry

All membership applications must be accompanied by supportive documentation as proof of your Yaqui ancestry tracing to Sonoran Yaqui Villages, Settlements, Missions, or Pueblos. Acceptable documents are:

  • birth certificates

  • marriage certificates

  • census records

  • baptism records, etc

Applications received without documentation will be considered incomplete and ineligible for consideration 

Genealogy Research

Yaquis of Southern California does not perform genealogy research. Applicants must conduct their own family interviews and/or register with online genealogy platforms like Ancestry, My Heritage, Family Search etc. to acquire pertinent records. Please do not request research assistance from YSC tribal council

Application Forms

An application form is a request to join the Yaquis of Southern California community, which bears a responsibility of reciprocity. We expect members to participate in culture and language workshops, gatherings and ceremonies as well as demonstrate the respectful behavior of our sacred Yo'yowam (Ancestors). Application forms can be found below and submitted to our secretary at: 

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